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Bio-Ag Production Capacity Increase

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

A drug produced by a bio-agricultural factory was in high demand—so high that the company wanted a 37% increase in production. In order to do this, they contacted Process Alliance so it could be determined if the increase was possible under the current conditions, and if not, what needed to be changed.

The Process Alliance team—led by Process Engineering and Engineering Tech Director John Quatroche—was given three months to identify all of the current equipment and the flow rate of each piece; the company had no record of this when the team arrived. After that, the team was tasked with identifying the ideal flow rate for the 37% increase and determine if the current equipment could meet the demand.

The results showed that the plant did need new equipment, but the quick work gave them the time to request funds to supply it. Process Alliance provided them with more than just a solution to their issue: They also were left with information on equipment that they did not have beforehand. The project was short-term but required a large effort on the part of the three Process Alliance engineers that took it on. The company was left with more documentation and the ability to increase their production to the desired level.

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